"Beaver' - Cleaning Up
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HABITAT. American Beavers are very laborious rodents that live in temperate regions of North America, they are found in woods where water and vegetation are abundant and rainfall is about 5-10 cm every month. The habitat they live in is continuously under renovation, addition, and transformation. Water has the most important role in this process, it is used as a protective and transportation element. The average winter air temperature in their native territories is -4°C, while in summer the average is 18°C.

DESIGN: Water is a scarce and precious resource. One of the beaver’s most inspiring characteristics is its resourceful use of water and its ability to control the ecosystem to its benefit. This project operates at a community sized scale, not unlike the beavers relationship to its own habitat- which affects an area larger than its home. This concept takes a new approach to water management that operates between the traditional scale of city sized waste water treatment and individual site specific treatment. Compartmentalizing rain water, grey water, and black water and treating each accordingly - nothing is wasted. The water is treated in open air wetland ponds scattered throughout the community public spaces, accessible to viewers for fishing and learning educational activities, and then redistributed once recovered.