"While migrating, The Penguin Family surprisingly meets Mister Polar Bear at Burning Man.”
Issues of climate change are brought to our attention daily. We continually hear about the danger of extinction many plants and animals face, yet somehow we feel disconnected; we seem unfazed by the disappearance of an animal species some 5000 km from us. However, for example, when continuous rain showers interrupt our summer vacation on the beach, we start wondering: “What is going on?” “Is all this discussion about climate change something real?” Is it really happening?” “Am I in danger?” Climate change has started forcing migration North-South which requires drastic changes in species habits and forces immediate adaptation upon plants and creatures that evolved over millions of years.

Domestication has been historically proven successful when E-W-E, along the same latitudes, climate change is pushing many species, both fl ora and fauna, to experiment with new routes N-S. Can this be successful? It is a huge risk. Many species are highly specialized to their native environment, and even a slight change may ruin their biological advantage and means of survival. Due to the accelerated rate of change to the world’s climate, many species are unable to even react.

The absurdity of the meeting in the desert between the Penguins and the Polar Bear at Burning Man, humorously brings to our attention the drastic transformation of our climate. Yet we know that such an encounter could not occur without human intervention. It raises the question: will we at some point displace ourselves? Forced to relocate because of climate change beyond our control? Where would we all go? Will we survive?