"Nature-al coexistence”

Is coexistence the only possible way for nature to be present in urban areas? Yes, we believe it is. And we believe in the coexistence of humans and nature: Not one against the other–not a rebellion against nature, as we often see when we use weed killer to eliminate it. Rather, we seek coexistence through a disintegration of boundaries.

Humans tend to plan every single element around themselves. Gardens are manicured, controlled and designed. But nature, when left untouched comes back, it infi ltrates in any way it can, creating actually the only real “natural” environment in an urban setting, the only one that really is capable of surprises that often amuse us.

Consider this:

1. Nature gets expelled by humans during construction.

2. Then, it returns to be integrated within the architecture, reintegrated actually, consciously and in a controlled way by humans in balconies and gardens.

3. But sometimes nature comes back in unexpected ways. It surprises us and creates beautiful natural-artifi cial hybrids of coexistence. Think of the 1% rebelled nature = grass growing spontaneously, between the cracks. Or even better the “fl ying” vegetation that attaches itself to the electrical wires.

We argue this is the only remaining true “nature” in urban settings and we hope the 1% of it will increase dramatically when humans will understand its unexpected beauty and biological necessity.