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The proposal’s evironmental consciousness is at the basis of the project, the need to preserve the ecological diversity, while promoting symbiotic design actions focused on water as the subject is the challenge the project has taken on. Among the natural elements, water is certainly the most characterizing of the region. The Piave river forms the geography and geology of this area. Over time its presence has shaped the plain, informed the living urban centers and defined the climate for the fauna and fl ora.

The eco-touristic project “Natura(l)mente” works with the landscape elements in order to improve the existing conditions. The chosen model for the renovation is that which is considered eco-sustainable development. The idea at the base of the project is to improve and grow the existing elements of production of the Pianura plain which is particularly fertile due to the presence of the Piave river. The project’s intention is to fi nd a balance to produce an eco-systemic development of the region. The tourists that arrive from Venice and Cortina will certainly ask for a qualitative environment, based on its ecological qualities and beauty.

design team: im studio mi/la with e.oprandi, a.colli