"Myco Spectacles" Myco Spectacles
Myco Spectacles Myco Spectacles      

Myco Frames is a pair of spectacles in which the frame and lenses are fully grown from fungi and bacteria. It is part of a developing project to 'grow' functional objects. Myco Frames intends to challenge current negative beliefs about bacteria and other microbes, and to encourage people to see these organisms as beneficial as opposed to harmful. By wearing fungi and bacteria on the face, the subject is encouraged to accept and embrace an intimate microbial connection.

The Frame is grown from a mixture of mycelium, sawdust and psyllium husks. Sawdust was paired with water and psyllium husks (2:1.5:1). The resulting substrate was molded into shape and put into a breathable filter bag, which was then sterilized. A liquid culture of blue oyster mycelium was used to inoculate the sterile substrate, and the frame was left to grow for 10 days, after which it was heat treated at 200°F for 2 hours to stop growth. The Lenses are made of bacterial cellulose. Gluconacetobacter xylinum was added to 8 oz of coconut water and allowed to ferment for 7-10 days. The resulting biomass of bacterial cellulose was washed and dried.

Credits: i.mazzoleni, l. dompe | IM Studio MI | LA